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    An effective blocked ear remedy is the first thing that a person will think when he/she has a blocked ear. What are these remedy?

    Blocked Ear RemedyBefore a person do anything with his/her blocked ear, it is important that he/she knows what causes it to happen. Blocked ears can cause discomfort to the person suffering from it. It can be caused by the development of wax in a person’s middle ear or in the canal of his/her ear. Swollen lymph nodes, cold, viral infection, and sore throat can also cause the ear to be blocked. A blocked ear can result to difficulty in hearing. When it is caused by too much ear wax, the person will experience a continuous pain in his/her ear. He/She will also hear a ringing sound inside his/her ear and feel like something has blocked it. When the ear wax is not removed, the bacteria inside the ear will cause infection that may lead to a more serious problem.

    There are many easy and natural ways that can be used as blocked ear remedy. The use of white vinegar is one effective blocked ear remedy. The person who will use it should apply two drops in his/her affected ear and then tilt his/head to remove it. Then he/she should wash his/her with water. Applying a few drops of warm olive oil inside the affected ear is also an effective blocked ear remedy. Blocked Ear Remedy solutionIt will also help in relieving irritation, itchiness, pain, and discomfort felt inside the ear. Allowing an open hairdryer to be placed at least 12 to 15 inches away from the ear can also be a good blocked ear remedy. Also, drinking a lot of warm water the whole day can be a good blocked ear remedy. Pinching a person’s nose and covering his/her unaffected ear while not breathing will also help clearing the blocked ear.

    A lot of ways can be done to clear blocked ears. However, before anything is done with blocked ears, it is recommended that a person consult a doctor first. And even though these remedies are simple and effective, having good ear hygiene is still better to have healthy ear and prevent a person from having blocked ears.

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